Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Fun at the beach and cute findings

Last Friday we went to the beach as a family, it was Nara's 1st time experiencing the ocean and sand. Pretty funny. K loved playing in the water and finding rocks and shells. Since I was 37 weeks at the time we took some pics. Kevin put K up in my arms since I am not allowed to lift her right now. The pics don't really show how huge my belly is. I had 3 ppl come up and have to touch my belly while we were there. 1 didn't think it was real, another thought I was having twins and the 3rd thought I was going into labor any sec! LOL oh well. After the beach Kevin took Nara to the puppy park across the street, she LOVED it and K and I played on the playground. It was a beautiful day!

Above is a set of tools we just got K. She is very interested in tools lately and we don't want her playing with ours so she'll be super excited when this set comes in the mail. It's from an Etsy shop called nature's voice. Its all handmade so we are supporting the little guys which we love to do! We really prefer to support the ma and pa shops whenever possible over other companies.
You can see their shop here:

We also just had to order a new tea pot for K from Nova Natural,one of our favorite,favorite stores. K had a porcelain one from her Grandma,she actually had a whole set but,well, you know how it goes with 2 year olds and breakable things. The tea pot was actually the last thing left unbroken but it met its end yesterday afternoon during a tea party. So we are replacing it with a nice enamel one that matches her enamel plates, bowls, cups and sauces we all ready have.

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