Monday, March 24, 2008

Started our farmyard playmat & the newborn stash

Well, there you have our newborn diapers and covers stash. K was too tiny for size smalls and I needed size newborn dipes but didn't have many so this time around I wanted to make sure I had watch this babe will be too big for the newborn size!!

I finally have all my yarn and needles to do my 12 squares for the farmyard swap. I casted on March 20th, I am on my 2nd square now. I am hoping to have them half done at least before sprout is born. The deadline is August 1st which is plenty of time but with a toddler and baby it may take me that long!

We decided with having the lead issue with K that with this babe we'll just use wooden bowls and spoons to feed him/her. now we just need to get some!

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