Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Longies being modeled by K

Here she is in her longies she requested from me! Wwe have an action shot on the swings on base and two pics taken ta the picture people for Valentines day.
Justso you all know your v-day cards are late this year. we couldn't get her appt until Monday and then Tuesday I had food poisoning or a virus (i'm thinking poisioning though b/c everyone else is fine) so I haven't even made it to the post office yet and v-day is tomorrow.

K took care of me yesterday and cuddled in bed with me all day. She is so amazing, I am so fortunate to have her. The cats curled up with us all day too.
Today i'm still nto at 100% but doing A LOT better which is good b/c tomorrow lini has a playdate so I want to be back to perfect health by then.

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