Monday, February 18, 2008

knitted farmyard playmat swap! 11 knitting mamas and me!

The swap is located on :
We are inspired by the new magazine 'living crafts' and also 'the knitted farmyard' book.
I am very fortunate to have been given a copy of the knitted farmyard from my friend Tiffeni back in December :)

Basically there are 12 of us and we each knit 12 of the same block for the farmyard then we exchange them and end up with 12 different pieces to put together and form a play mat. This consists of:

Sheep pasture
Wheat field
Horse Pasture
Flower Meadow
Oat field
Garden plot with raised beds
Vegetable garden
Plowed Field
Corn Field
Hay Field
Here is a link to the 'living crafts' info on it:
I need to subscribe to this magazine. It's a Waldorf inspired craft magazine with amazing projects.

I am doing the horse pasture block since it will be simpler and I will have a lot on my hands with Lini, Sprout and all the furry animal babies. I am so excited about this. Not only will it be a great play mat for K to play with her farm animals and tractor,etc on BUT also it will be a great tummy time mat for Sprout!

Here's a link I was just given with a farm mat made by someone else:



waldorfmama said...

hi nicole! i'm just now discovering your blog (thru red dirt mother) and am loving it! i was SO excited to see my blog in your list - thanks so much!! i also left a few messages on your flickr site. am curious about that adorable bootie pattern. :) i'll be visiting often now! - shelley,

FrontierDreams said...

*blush* Thanks! I love your things and follow your blog all the time :)

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