Saturday, February 9, 2008

Park play date

The weather has been in the 70s and even reached 80 degrees last Wednesday so we took advantage of it and went to the park with Fiona and D'Anne. K had a lot of fun as you can see :) I am so happy that my little girl loves nature and to be outside so much, that's so important to me. It's most mama's nightmares but I LOVE it when she plays in the mud and the dirt and she did just that at the park. Basically Kevin wasn't allowed to get dirty when he was little and so now hes very particular about how clean he is so I'm hoping to avoid that with lini. LOL sounds funny I know! I want her to know how to be clean but just not fanatical about it,know what I mean?

I am knitting a cardigan now to go with Sprout's longies and booties I made, this will probably be her/his coming homne outfit. We are still stuck on a name. We are thinking of something either Irish or German b/c we are both. BUT I love the name Nicolai for a boy which is Russina and Sonora (Nora for short) for a girl which is Spanish.. so we'll see, LOL.

I finished K's longies that she wanted me to knit out of the yarn she picked out. She loves them and they fit so well! I will have pics of her in them on Tuesday, we are going to the Picture People to get her Valentines day pics taken. It's funny b/c they look so long and tiny but that's how she is a long lean girl.

Nara is growing every day!


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sxjohnson said...

I love the name Nicolai... However Sonora is adorable too. I'm sure either way 'Lini is super excited to be having a new baby come home.

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