Monday, January 21, 2008

more knitted goodies for little sprout

malabrigo merino yarn *drool* in autumn forest colorway... I am in love! These longies are my new pride and joy.

anyways.... this is the picky pants pattern. my new fav pattern for longies. so easy and they came out perfect.and a wonderful gusset in them too!! this is the 1st diaper cover i have ever made that came out perfect. although i didn't gauge so instead of a size small they are a size newborn. oh well sprout will still wear them for a little while ;) I am goingto make some booties out of this yarn as well.

k wants me to knit her a pair and she picked out this colorway in the malabrigo:

i ordered it yesterday and will start on them for her as soon as it gets here...we hardly have any longies for her to wear..although winter is almost done here. I also ordered a pattern to knit her a sweater and sprout a cardigan.

I also made this soaker (another diaper cover). It has a few flaws and seems a bit tall so I think I may have done something wrong but i'll try again :) It's newborn size as well.

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