Monday, January 21, 2008

Very Late December NY trip pics

We went up to NY to see my family at the end of December and it was a great time! K,especially had TONS of fun. She hadn't seen her cousins in over a year so she was excited! She loved playing with them so much. She was sad to go. But luckily we will see them this summer when they come down here to see us. K is talking about this non-stop. She says Uncle Mark is going to sit in her booster seat at the table. She also says that Grampa is going to do yoga with her. LOL
I look forward to when we move back up closer to NY and are able to see my family more often.
She has been talking non-stop about everyone sense we left. She even has an Uncle Mark song.
She also got to play in snow for the 1st time and had so much fun. I too surprisingly miss the snow and realize I truly need to live where we can experience all 4 seasons. Virginia is nice but its much too hot for my taste and doesn't really have seasons at all.

On January 1st K and I made some snowflake pancakes and she LOVED them.

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