Thursday, January 24, 2008

Nara and K last week and pics of K last Halloween

LOL i know i know Halloween pics now?!?!
but my camera was real bad in October and my friend D'Anne took pics of lini in her costume. I just got them a couple days ago and had to share. Her and Fiona were bees together <3

here's some pics of Nara and K playing outside last week. Nara is twice this size now, I have to get new pics of her. They had so much fun together outside!
Sadly now Nara is in DESPERATE need of training shes getting really unruly so her and lini can't play together as often without me right there to stop Nara from biting her :( Kevin is getting her training soon though.
our kitties too are on hard times right now. Midnight had an upper respiratory infection but went on antibiotics and is better now. Geisha has something wrong with her eye. The vet thinks maybe nara hit it on accident so shes on some eye drops but now shes sneezing so we think she has what midnight had. *sigh*

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