Friday, December 7, 2007

baking, knitting and winter wonderland OH MY!

I have been craving carob cake like crazy, but of course we are out of carob and had to make chocolate cake instead. It still tasted good!! K loved helping and eating the batter.

If you remember a few posts back I had started some longies for little sprout and now they are done!! They have a few flaws and I didn't care for the pattern too much. I am trying a new pattern for the next pair. I still need to wash and block them so they look kinda funny. We are going to need quite a few gender neutral pairs of longies and soakers so there will be more to come!

Here is K's finished mittens,scarf and hat set. the mittens were super easy out of the book ' the children's year' and the scarf was a pattern I made up in my head. instead of having her tie the scarf around her neck I made a large buttonhole to pull it through. I think it will stay on her better this way.

the hat... oh my the hat!! i undid and restarted that thing 3-4 times. I was so frustrated with it. then it ended up not even being big enough... so this hat is not perfect but i gave up. i'll make her a nicer one next year.
I lined her mittens and hat with organic cotton batting and then organic knit fabric in a light blue. looks like they'll keep her nice and warm!

Winter Wonderland downtown Saturday the 1st of December.
The event was much smaller than we expected but we still had lots of fun. K got to see people ice skating for the first time and went on her first carriage ride around downtown. She loved that. The horse talked a few times and made K laugh. Daddy didn't get to go on the ride sadly,though,we only had a few bucks on us and it was overpriced!
We also went on the carousel or as K says: the ponies. She loved that. Again our camera being in its bad state didn't get any good pics, this is the best one and well.. you see!

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