Sunday, December 9, 2007

St.Nicholas celebration at Kinderhaus Toys December 6th

There's our crazy girl wanting to be nakies even though its cold in the house. Her solution is to lay on her wool blanket with another blanket on top of her LOL She is a silly girl obsessed with not wanting to get dressed.

The St. Nicholas celebration at Kinderhaus toys Thursday night. It was a mad house but K had lots of fun.

Here she is picking up her shoe that she had left the week before filled with hay and carrots for ST. Nicholas' donkey. Now it's filled with little presents for her.

As you can see she didn't want to take her hat of all night. She enjoyed playing with a doll and listening to the violinist play music. She also admired the decorations we helped Tiffeni make for her store.

And of course, lastly.. munching on cookies.

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