Friday, December 7, 2007

the last bits of autumn

The last couple of weeks of Autumn are wrapping up. We thought we'd post some pictures for you to see before they become too outdated by the winter season.

1st is K's windows in her playroom decorated with fall leaves sent to us by our friend Stacey. The 2nd window was hard to get a photo of so I apologize for the not so pretty photography there. Our camera broke at Disney in October as I mentioned before and we still haven't had it fixed. It's not focusing right and pausing to much when you take a photo now, not to mention the fact that it's being held together by a rubber band!

K is still moving along at her own pace with potty learning. We are not pushing her in any way and just let her use the potty when she wants to,which ends up being about 95% of the time when we are at home. Here she is with 'K Baby'.

One of her favorite things to do right now is give the kitties treats out of her hands. She says it tickles.

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