Sunday, December 23, 2018

Making a worthy dwelling

german christmas our lanterns at the german christmas lantern walk german christmas
german christmas
german christmas german christmas german christmas
bucket list
making lussekater making lussekater happy boy those curls! those curls though!! checking out the stream trees fun in the maze of trees bringing our tree down wrapping the tree greenery Life has been a bit too hectic these past couple of weeks as we try to unbox our belongings and fit them into this house. I have already donated about 50% of our belongings and am still going. If anything, this house situation has really cemented my minimalist tendencies and is helping me to let go of even more. I am grateful for that. On the other hand, I am not so thrilled with the stress the clutter gives me. I planned on schooling up to Christmas week but I realized trying to teach while my brain is an utter mess just does not work. It hinders and harms our schooling so last week we decided it would be best to call off school and convene again after Epiphany. I am so glad we did. I have been able to be more present with my children an focus on this beautiful season. I was even able to clear out and clean up a space in our living room so we could put up our Christmas tree.

We also had the chance to join in the lantern parade at our local Christkindl market. It was like Martinmas all over again. We didn't stay long after the parade because it was past Baby F's bedtime and two of our other children were either coming down with cold or sick already. Understandably they were not the happiest bunch. Next year we'll go earlier to enjoy the market, too.

I can't believe it is just about Christmas Eve! We'll be spending the day baking in preparation for Christmas day and then Kevin and I will be spending the evening building a couple of things for the boys and decorating a dollhouse for sweet C. This is such an exhausting but glorious time!!

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