Sunday, February 12, 2017

Just give in

snowfall snowfall snowfall snow C's snow ice cream More snow photos because if I can't beat it, then I guess I need to just give in and enjoy it. It was almost finally gone though! Oh well, C took advantage of the latest snowfall  and made herself some snow ice cream. climbing everything dive, dive, dive! Dive! in Made it. getting out Back out. Repeat So much fun to watch.
sharky shoes from one of his favorite people
We just found out that (as of right now) we have a move out date of...wait for it...Easter Sunday. I am hoping that is some computer generated date we can talk them out of. Call me crazy but I would actually like to attend Mass and celebrate Easter instead of moving out of our home that day. Ahem. That news was followed by our 13 year old washing machine breaking again. Our children have been having fun watching their stuffed animals get baths in the washing machine. They would leave the lid open and press the lid switch with their fingers to keep the machine going. Perhaps they were having a bit too much fun. Oh well. Thankfully the needed part was inexpensive and should arrive by the end of the week. I won't even go into our tax return drama. Ha! It has just been one of those weeks!

So much to be looking forward to and grateful for though - Little L is turning six oh so soon, C will be celebrating her First Holy Communion (we weren't certain it would happen before we moved but just got the news today it will) and I get to go in for a root canal I have needed since my early twenties! Okay, I might not be looking forward to the root canal but I am indeed grateful to get it taken care of while we still have decent dental insurance.

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