Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Dreams and Reality

November warmth
eating his peck of dirt for the day Eating his peck of dirt for the day sunny November being a goof So remember what it was like before all that snow came to town and refused to leave? Yeah, me neither, but looking at these pictures from sunny November days has me dreaming.canadian geese And back to realityAbraham Lincoln least with some adventures! Idaho Black History Museum Idaho They love each other so! smiles those eyelashes! cascade cuties this colorway is gorgeous in person!

Baby F's birthday sweater was completed on his birthday but with the gloomy skies it was impossible to get photos of him in it. I finally just gave up on waiting and decided to snap a few photos, despite the clouds, on a little field trip in Boise. I am hoping to get better shots once the sun decides to grace us with his presence again.

Details: Yarn is from my friend Ginny at GSheller. I couldn't quite capture the beautiful greens and blues in this yarn but trust me it is breathtaking in person. The buttons are from my favorite button shop - WoolyMossRoots. I made the same mods to this sweater as I did to Little L's sweater I made him for is first birthday. Rav notes here.

Speaking of the birthday boy - He took his first official steps on Monday. He kept taking a couple of steps here and there throughout the day but then that evening he took about ten steps across a room while we were at AHG!

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