Wednesday, December 14, 2016

On Saint Lucia Day {and a bit of sewing}

St. Lucia day Little L on his namesake day Saint Lucia day with friends St. Lucia stitch marker (wish I had a better lens to capture it!)
My Saint Lucia stitch marker arrived just in time!

This year's Saint Lucia day (AKA Little L's namesake day and the feast of my patron saint) was one of the best we had ever experienced. I think because of that I didn't find as much time to photograph it all. We started the day with my children waking me up with Lussekatter and singing. They even snuck Baby F out of bed and had him dressed in his star boy outfit. Admittedly I think they woke a bit too early, especially after going to bed so late the night before from their AHG Christmas party. They were at each others throats for a good chunk of the morning but thankfully that all went away by the time we left the house for Mass. We met up with three other Catholic homeschooling families that we all absolutely adore and celebrated Mass. Afterwards everyone came back to our place for some Lussekatter, and a potluck style lunch. Our home was full with the laughter of children and my heart was just ready to burst.

After our friends had to leave we walked over to a couple of our neighbors to deliver Lussekatter. We ended up spending a good chunk of the afternoon/evening with one of those wonderful neighbors as our children played and we had a chance to chat. Such a good time was had. I honestly didn't want our day to end but boy was I exhausted by the time we got back home!

Baby F's namesake day was actually the day before but I feel a bit bad because we didn't really get to celebrate it. I spent a good chunk of that day baking the Lussekatter. I think next year I will make it on the 11th instead so that way both of my boys get their special days.

highchair cushions for baby f
happy boy yummy kamut checkout my teeth On a completely different note - I had been meaning to share some photos of a finished project but the sun just didn't want to shine so I gave up waiting on it. Baby F needed some soft cushions to boost him up and make his highchair a bit more comfortable. The random throw pillow we were using just wasn't cutting it. The last set of cushions I made for this highchair were from when K was a baby so it was definitely time for something new.

I wanted to use fabric that was neutral enough for a boy or a girl (just in case for the future 😉 ) and something that I already had on hand. I ended up going with this cute chicken fabric leftover from the girls' Easter dresses of 2012. This time around I made the cushion covers envelope style so that I could easily take them off and throw them in the washer. I think Baby F approves of them. What do you think?

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