Monday, December 12, 2016

First Snow

balaclava big eyes Baby F in his wool balaclava. I snapped this quick to share with a friend but then I decided I had to share it here, too. I adore his chubby cheeks and big eyes in it. St. Nicholas St. Nicholas St. Nicholas Photos from a St. Nicholas party (hosted by our homeschooling group at church) on the eve of his feast day. My children and I had a blast helping out. snow! snow! snow! We had our first snowfall of the year. Not a lot of snow but just enough for my children to spend all day in it. C (AKA mini me) spent most of her time following different animal tracks. She told me she tracked a rabbit, a cat, a magpie and a coyote. I wish I could have gone out with her but I was inside keeping the cutest little baby, miserable with a cold, nice and warm. snow for baby! indoor snow play for the baby indoor snow play snow play yum! But just so you don't think he missed out on all the fun - the children brought him in a cup of snow, just like they did for Little L when he was a baby. Baby F was perplexed by the cold white stuff that melted in his hands but once he took a little nibble, he was full of giggles of delight. sweet C I tried to capture this year's Christmas card photo while the snow was fresh and sparkly. This pretty much sums up how it went: sums up how the group shots went finally got the greenery on our Advent wreath (only juniper this time though) And lastly, our Advent wreath is an actual wreath now instead of just a brass ring.

Now off for more Saint Lucia prep! Peace be with you!

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