Monday, May 2, 2016


trail life shark shoes Shark shoes pine box derby Can you find L's car?! I bet you don't even need a hint. trail  life derby race race most unique award (looking at another camera) Looking at another camera instead of Mama. Little rascal. award photo by k My tiny spectator (photo by K) soothing yummy fingers Photos by Kevin. Baby F has discovered his fingers. balloon car balloons little l blurry but smiles!! Blurry, but caught a happy face! not so sure, mama Lavender the shark car lavender It's about 12:30am my time and Baby F just now finally fell asleep. Our days have gotten a lot better and are full of more smiles but the past two nights have been full of tears (both his and mine). So, I apologize but this post is short and sweet, more photographs than words, as most of my posts have been as of late.

Little L took part in his first ever pine box derby over the weekend. It was with his Trail Life USA troop. He joined Trail Life just before his fifth birthday this year, something he had been begging to do since his sisters joined American Heritage Girls (Trail Life is basically the boy equivalent to AHG, like Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts). He and Kevin worked hard together to design and create "Lavender the Shark car" for the event - would you have expected anything different than a hammerhead shark?! Something tells me he won't ever forget his special car or that day.

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