Thursday, April 28, 2016

In the midst {celebrating}

baby c (1 week i think)
babyc 4 months
babyc 6 months
babyc 6 months
No, you are not going crazy, the above photographs are from 2008 of another beloved baby of ours, one who will always be our baby no matter how old she is... Little miss C! She had her 8th birthday the midst of all that was going on with Baby F.
Her birthday in pictures:
birthday sweater The unfinished birthday sweater birthday morning (k looking at C's gift) C trying to be patient as K looks at one of her gifts from Nana and Grandpa Baby F (in the same shirt C wore in previous baby pics) Notice the shirt Baby F is wearing, C wore it when she was one week old in the photographs further up Wahooz - waiting for go karts C's birthday wish - a day at Wahooz (we had quite the late start, though) birthday girl letting little brother drive Letting little brother drive her birthday girl birthday cake Super late night dinner and cake (It was midnight when we finally sat down to eat - I'm not joking!) She chose the double layer chocolate cake from Oh She Glows.
late night party All decked out with gifts from Purple Grandma new bike Our gift to her - after years of hand-me-downs she got a bike of her choice birthdya bike birthday bike Happy birthday to my bright, spunky, beautiful C!

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