Sunday, April 17, 2016

A little love, please

brothers brothers sleepy chub-chub bliss photo by K picky pants finally fits into his first clothes my post-workout sweaty self with a sweet sleeping baby My sweet, tiny baby boy has a procedure on Tuesday and it is all I can think about. It will help him immensely but I know it is going to be hard on the both of us. You see, one of the reasons for his colic and tummy issues is that he has lip and tongue ties. After dealing with our insurance company for a month, he is finally getting them taken care of. From what I have been told, the procedure itself isn't too bad but the healing time and stretches afterwards are rather excruciating.

Can I please ask for your prayers to help Baby F through this. I start to cry just thinking about it. I am going to need to be strong for my little guy but I have a feeling I will be an emotional wreck. I have been warned of a possible nursing strike for 48 hours after the procedure and the misery that comes with doing the daily exercises to stretch his lips and tongue. It's not going to be easy, this I know.

Lord, give me the strength.

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