Thursday, March 24, 2016

playing catch-up

I realized that while I have not been able to post very often, Baby F is growing by leaps and bounds. I swear he grows each day. I am so very far behind in sharing photographs of him so I thought I would play a little game of catch-up and share some of those photographs now (minus the sweet ones from our friends visit because those deserve their very own post). Otherwise you would all be in for quite a shock when I post current ones! Plus, with our internet issues, posting photographs is much easier than trying to type up thoughts! baby love baby love more knits and sweet baby toes sleep had enough sweet dreams go wolfpack!! Future Portland Waldorf School student <3 Go Wolfpack! Shirt made by our sweet, sweet friend. yawn double chin Double chin piano time piano time He loves the piano knitting with baby F <3 Knitting with baby potato sack Potato sack c sweet eyes knocked out sleepy sack IMG_5388 IMG_5390 There. That's a bit better. Did you see him grow before your very eyes?

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