Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Wishes & New Corners

Good Friday On Good Friday first Easter doll doll Happy Easter everyone!! I had high hopes of taking K to the Easter Vigil last night and really just celebrating Easter in a deliberate manner as we usually do but I forgot my own limitations. I should have been a bit more realistic, especially since we didn't do much for Lent yet I still hung on to hope. Oh well. Easter day was very simple this year but we still have the rest of the Easter season to celebrate it more joyously and deliberately.

I didn't drag my camera to Mass today knowing the church would be packed and that I would have my hands full so I don't really have Easter photographs but I hope Baby F in all his sweetness today will be enough. He is wearing a bib that the owner of our local baby/toddler consignment shop (that I only just now discovered!) gave him. I thought that was a kind gesture so he had to wear it for a bit today to show everyone it was his first Easter.

Oh, and the doll Rav notes here.  Pilot cap rav notes here.

On another note, I wanted to share a couple of new corners in our home. First is a corner in our bedroom. Baby F is all set up to play under the little play gym that all three of his siblings used as babies. It's in a dark corner but hopefully you get the idea.

bedroom corner
bedroom corner I even vacuumed for you guys! Maybe I need to photograph my floor more often to inspire more regular vacuuming. not quite ready He is not quite ready for play under it yet but he will be before I know it!

The other "newish" corner is my rocking chair in the front room. It has become one of Baby F's favorite places to nurse. I had my tree stump table for my water or tea but I wanted to do a bit more there. I decided the beautiful image of Jesus and Mary that once hung there needed to be placed in a more prominent area of the room, preferably a spot where I can see it from my chair while nursing, so I framed and hung up a favorite card reminding me to surrender to the moment. I also added some reading material to glance at from time to time as I nurse, although usually I am too caught up in admiring my little guy.
new corner
surrender book nook Wishing you all a beautiful season!

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