Sunday, January 3, 2016

Nesting and Obsessions

baby booties
blocking for baby
baby woolies and baby knitting
washing baby woolies and ignoring the mess in my kitchen
beeswaxing our moses basket rocker and a shelf for the changing table
mobile over the changing table
my obsession
night time light watch
the birds' Christmas lights
K's Christmas cookies
frolicking coyote tracks
Coyote tracks. We watched him frolicking behind our house the other day and then came out and followed his tracks for a bit.

I do so love the nesting phase of pregnancy. My energy has finally returned and I am a whirlwind preparing our home for the baby's arrival. Although I am ignoring the current state of most of our house (the evidence of this is in my photographs) as I spend days washing and preparing baby woolies (Everyone keeps a unicycle in their messy kitchen, right?!). I'll get to it all eventually. Or at least that's what I keep telling Kevin. After Epiphany, Christmas will be packed away and then it will be easier to do a good deep cleaning of our home. In the meantime I'll just continue to focus on all of those cute baby things. Priorities!

We got out our Moses basket rocker and a couple of other things for our bedroom (where baby will be). I have been applying layers of our homemade beeswax polish trying to restore the dried out wood. The air is so incredibly dry here. I have nightly nosebleeds. We just purchased humidifiers for our bedroom and the children's bedroom in hope that they will at least help us to breathe at night, if nothing else. I am hoping they will help my poor chapped,cracking skin, too. I feel like my skin has aged ten years since we moved here just two years ago. Plus I don't want the baby to have any breathing issues as our bedroom will be were he spends most of his first days.

Speaking of those first days, I am smitten with Kevin. He knows that I will be spending most of my time that first month following Little Spud's birth (Kevin gave him that name BTW) in our bedroom soaking in all the baby goodness. With that in mind, he took the screens out of our bedroom windows so that I can get a clearer view of our little bird friends at the feeder in our front yard. He knows me so well. I am sure our cats will enjoy the new view as well.

And on a somewhat related note - I think my biggest obsessions (and cravings?) this pregnancy have been honey crisp apples dipped in almond butter, ice cold water and Thieves household cleaner for cleaning everything. I am normally a vinegar and baking soda type of cleaning gal but since I discovered the Thieves cleaner I am now hooked on it. Of course the yummy smell and ease of cleaning with it does help. Thankfully it falls in line with my safe cleaning practices. No toxic chemicals in our home, thank you! I was also happy to have found a use for those free toothbrushes the dentist give. I normally donate them (and will still continue to do so)  since we stick with natural brands but I had one that I must have forgotten hidden away. It was just the thing this crazy cleaning lady needed for scrubbing the corners of our bathtub.

Oh and a few of you asked about my hat on the last post. I totally forgot to share any info on that:
My Jan Brett hat
My Jan Brett hat
It's my own version of the children's Jan Brett hat. I adore it. I wear it almost everyday in our cold Idaho winds. The brim has three layers of wool, keeping my ears toasty warm. Ravelry notes can be found here. Lets ignore the big cat scratch next to my eye, okay? Simpkin decided one morning to run across my sleeping body during a cat fight with Bhakti. That was quite a way to wake up!

p.s. - Thank you truly from the bottom of my heart for all of your incredibly kind words and well wishes on my last post. XOXO

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