Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Keep Calm Craft On {crafting on}

The act of creating, in one form or another, preserves my sanity amongst the chaos of life. This explains why I always have more than one project going at a time as well as why my housework tends to fall behind. I enjoy seeing what others are working on and keeping calm with, too. What are you creating? What is keeping you going? Snap a picture or two and share it with the rest of us by leaving your link below.

Working on some sweet baby longies in these dark days of winter. I favorited the Rib My Heiny pattern almost a year ago and I am so glad that I have a reason to knit them now. I chose an off-white to knit them in. I love little babies in white but it just stains so easily I don't normally dress my own in it. I thought maybe I could get away with it while he is still a newborn, before he starts getting into things and getting messy. Eh, wishful thinking.

What are you working on? Happy creating!

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