Monday, January 25, 2016


organizing the changing table basket crazy yawn IMG_3708 bird watching mountain chickadee mountainchickadees L's bee and slug my evening my evening
On Saturday I went out to clean the inside of our van in the pouring rain (because I had the energy to do it right at that moment and I knew if I had waited the motivation would be gone) only to discover mice poo in our children's car seats. *shudder* I knew mice had been coming in our van before and we believe in "live and let live" or "do no harm unless others intend you harm" so we just hoped that they would eventually go away. They have in the past. The cats find the ones that actually venture into our home and I try my best to capture the mice once they have them cornered and set them free elsewhere but it doesn't always happen. I have just come to accept that in the winter where we are currently living, mice are something we deal with. But once I got to the back of the van and saw Little L's car seat padding ripped up and his seat belt partially chewed through, I lost it. We don't exactly have extra money hanging around to buy a brand new Britax car seat and the thought of mice living in my children's car seats - especially the baby's car seat just did me in. Hey, I am hormonal right now! I came in the house explaining everything to Kevin and he didn't really have a reaction, which for whatever reason irked me. I said, "Why can't you see this like an irrational pregnant woman?" Hehe. At least I know I am irrational, right? Our current resolution is parking our van outside instead of in the garage and I poured way too much peppermint essential oil all over the inside of the van hoping to hinder the mice from coming back. So far, so good.

I spent two hours Sunday evening sewing the girls' badges on their AHG uniforms. Phew that took longer than I expected! But it made the sewing bug come back and now I want to sew some itty bitty clothing for the baby. I wonder if I'll have time. I am still not completely prepared, as one of my midwives keeps reminding me, even though I took the time to label baskets on the changing table - that counts for something, right? Even so, I am slightly hoping his arrival is sooner rather than later. As much as I don't want this pregnancy to come to an end, I just want to hold him in my arms. Plus he has been putting pressure on a nerve in my back which sends shooting pain down one of my legs. A humble reminder of how painful growing pains are in children and that I always need to take my little ones seriously when they crawl in our bed in the middle of the night wanting their legs rubbed.

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