Wednesday, January 20, 2016


exhaustion exhaustion exhaustion I mentioned that we had an all day adventure in Boise earlier this week. Nothing too exciting just our usual errands and midwife appointment, but this time Little L got some time alone with Mama and Daddy while the girls were having fun with their AHG group. Well, apparently our day out completely exhausted Little L. He fell asleep on the way home (at around 6:30). We decided we should wake him back up before picking up the girls from their lock in (which ended at 8:00) fearing that this was a power nap and he would wake up in the middle of the night full of energy.

Kevin carried him in from the van and sat him on the counter to help me put away groceries. Instead he got down and climbed up on top of our coats on the table. I thought he was being silly but kept up with my work. A few minutes later Kevin came back in and noticed that Little L was fast asleep, sharks around him and all. The little guy was so tuckered out he just couldn't make it any longer. Surprisingly he slept in the next morning, too!

Tonight I am feeling the same way Little L did - EXHAUSTED. I spent the whole day scrubbing an reorganizing my kitchen for when the midwives come, yet it is still no where near where I want it to be (because, you know, they will totally notice those kinds of things). I guess that is what tomorrow is for! But for now - sleep.

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