Wednesday, November 4, 2015


All Souls Day All Souls Day fraction work Here I sit staring at my computer screen, trying to focus on photographs and words but my mind just won't let me do it. All I can seem to think about is a rather horrid appointment I had today with the base hospital/OB department. It was a real wake up call and reminder to me that I personally just can NOT have a base hospital birth if I want to truly be relaxed and able to enjoy this special time. Now, I am not saying hospital births are a bad thing, I had a good enough one in the past and have many friends that prefer it. But birth is such a personal decision and as mothers we all know what would be best for ourselves and our children and what environment/situation would put us the most at ease. Birth is such a raw and vulnerable time, the last thing I would want is to feel anxious and completely stressed out over the people I am trusting to help me bring my miracle baby into this world.

Thankfully we are in the process of switching over to some amazing midwives that my family and I completely fell in love with located an hour away. We just have to deal with our insurance company and the reality of a slightly steep (for us) copay. The cost held us back but after thinking it over we decided - the price we would have to pay out of pocket is worth the nurturing, stress free environment, and peace of mind we would all have at such an important time in our lives.

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