Sunday, November 8, 2015

Beauty in the chaos

museum comes to life Boise, ID handspun yarn museum comes to life museum comes to life museum comes to life Boise, ID Lincoln K's favorite president my silly C

I thought I was going to have a post sans photographs due to my camera being broken (shipped out to Canon for repair) but then as I searched on this old computer I found some photographs from the end of September when we attended the Museum Comes to Life in Boise, ID. Rather out of date but having something to look at makes me feel better for some reason.

I feel rather lost without my camera. There I said it. Pretty pathetic sounding, I know. I mean I haven't been taking as many photos as I used to and I have been rather neglectful of the poor thing, but it's still such a big part of my day to day life. It makes me stop and see the beauty in the chaos. Apparently I need that daily reminder. Not to mention the fact that nesting has me wanting all of my ducks in a row and the idea of not having my camera for when this sweet baby is born just seems like the end of the world. Was that a bit dramatic? Eh, I blame hormones :) But thankfully I should be able to calm down very soon as I received word from Canon that my camera will be back in my hands this week. Then I can have some more of my ducks in a row for this birth and go back to capturing life through the eye of the lens again. Exhale.

p.s. - I forgot to post the 2nd giveaway winner for the AttheCrossroads giveaway last week. The 2nd winner is: Ravenna who said "Beautiful pieces. Thanks for the giveaway." Please email at so I can get your prize to you! I apologize!!

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