Sunday, August 9, 2015

How does your garden grow?

runner beans runner beans in L's garden runner beans in L's garden Runner Beans from Little L's garden (He calls them Bracken beans. You can find them here.) chocolate pear tomatoes Chocolate Pear Tomatoes dragon tongue beans Dragon Tongue Beans friend hello! Hello, friend! woodle orange tomatoes Woodle Orange Tomatoes strawberry popcorn strawberry popcorn (and Arctica) Strawberry Popcorn (and hello, Arctica!) orange king calendula calendula orange king Orange King Calendula (Little L's favorite thing to harvest) white spine cucumber (with some russian kale in the foreground) White Spine Cucumber (with some Russian Kale in the foreground) chicago pickling cucumber Chicago Pickling Cucumber snap dragons Snapdragons gypsy sunshine marigolds Gypsy Sunshine Marigolds fennel Fennel Blue Boy Bachelor Buttons 022 Blue Boy Bachelor Buttons

Our poor garden was neglected in its first couple of months of growth and became horribly overcrowded, yet somehow it is still flourishing! There have been little hands out daily to harvest runner beans, calendula, chamomile, basil, marigolds, parsley, cilantro, as well as gather snapdragons and bachelor buttons for bouquets. Most of our vegetable plants are just now starting to produce anything so I am a bit anxious that the weather will change and they won't ripen enough. Then again, I remember it being hot until October here last year so time might possibly be on our side. I'm crossing my fingers!

I swear the garden calls to us. We all somehow end up outside sitting by it throughout the day. A lot of times I'll find my children reading stories next to it, drinking smoothies as they search for new growth or playing fairies with calendula fairy wands. I tend to just come out and sit next to it, finding peace in watching the bees gather nectar (someday we'll have our own honeybees!) and the wind blow through the flowers. I am so grateful for this little paradise in the middle of the suburban desert!

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