Monday, June 29, 2015

How we told them

my rendition of a fruit baby - more like fruit alien! excited over the news excited yay!! yummy fruit alien I thought I would share how we shared the news of my pregnancy with our children. As you all know, my children were feeling pretty sad and thinking they would never get another sibling (something they all wanted so badly), especially my K. So as soon as I found out I made Kevin promise not to tell the children because I wanted to plan some special way to tell them (he would always be too excited and blurt it out with my past pregnancies). After some pinterest searches I had an idea and planned it out with Kevin.

The next day he took the children out to run some errands while I made dinner. Nothing out of the ordinary so they had no idea what was going on. When they came back I told them we had a surprise for them but that they would have to figure it out. We gave clues while eating our dinner and then they went into another room and wrote down their guesses afterwards. There were a few crazy guesses mostly coming from Little L like, "There are Bhaktis (our cat) growing in K's garden?". But both K and C were spot on with their guesses. I told them all that our dessert would give them the answer. Then I went into the kitchen to get my camera set up and Kevin led them in to see the awaiting fruit baby in it's pram. Although my rendition looks more like a fruit alien or a fruit bat unlike the beautiful fruit babies on pinterest, he,he. K caught on first (you can see her face is the first to light up) then Kevin explained it to C and Little L. Oh the joy that was in our home at that moment! I shall never forget it. I am glad I caught the moment with my camera. Their little faces in these photographs are priceless to me. You can see how genuinely over the moon they are, as are we!

p.s. - THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for all of your congrats and well wishes via blog comments, emails and facebook. They made my weekend.

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