Wednesday, June 24, 2015

High Expectations

high expectations
May light stream into you that can take hold of you.
I follow its rays with the warmth of my love.
I think with my thinking's best thoughts of joy
On the stirrings of your heart.
May they strengthen you,
May they carry you,
May they cleanse you.
I want to gather my thoughts of joy
Before the steps of your life,
That they unite with your will for life,
So that it finds itself with strength
In the world,
Ever more,
Through itself.
- Rudolf Steiner, Prayers for Parent and Children 

I wanted to wait to share this news (to be absolutely certain) but I just couldn't contain it any longer - We are expecting!!
I am at a loss for words over this and an (ecstatic) emotional mess, crying tears of joy at the drop of a hat. Something I deemed as impossible became possible. I fully admit I had lost all hope and forgotten to trust that God's plan is much better than my own. That is, until I opened up to all of you and your support and love brought my hope back. I know that your prayers and well wishes played an important role in this miracle. Thank you, truly.

After my very raw post on this subject I almost feel guilty (yet again) sharing this because I know so many of you were/are in situations similar to mine, longing for a child. I hope that this news doesn't discourage you but lifts you up and brings hope that all things are possible. I have kept all of you that shared your stories with me in my heart and prayers and I shall continue to do so.


p.s. - In case you were wondering, cute newborn sock info on Ravelry.

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