Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Nara in her doggles you can see Little L in the reflection on her doggles doggles I know you just giggled looking at these photographs. Hee,hee. As much as we do adore dressing up our sweet Nara in rather ridiculous attire, the doggles she's wearing in these photographs are actually medically necessary. Remember when I mentioned that we thought she had cataracts in her eyes? Well our vet determined it was not cataracts and diagnosed her with Pannus, a disease most likely brought on by our current high altitude location (another reason we have to move, right?!). So along with a daily dose of eye drops (for at least as long as we are in Idaho) she has to wear her doggles when she is outside in the sun to block the UV rays that can worsen her condition. Of course we had to pick the bright pink ones for her to wear. Poor Nara. She looks so embarrassed when we put them on her. If only she knew it was for her own good. Someday perhaps she'll understand. In the meantime we just give her extra love and sympathetic looks while hiding our giggles (because we just can't help ourselves when she has them on).

What Nara thinks of her doggles Nara's opinion of her doggles

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