Sunday, June 7, 2015

Birthday {captioned}

Oh that sweet, special, hilarious little koala bear of mine. What would I do without her?! I never meant to take so long to share C's birthday week with all of you! Here it is almost two months later: waking up in Grandma's hotel room {waking up after a sleepover in Grandma's hotel room followign the hedgie trail to the van {following her trail of hedgies...} out in her pjs {...out to the van} her gathered hedgie trail {all the hedgies she gathered} birthday table {birthday table waiting} seven {seven} her place at the table {her place at the table} decorating {decorating} K made C's hedgie a tutu {opening her gifts from K - this one is a tutu K made for C's hedgehog} one of her birthday dresses {one of the birthday dresses} she loves it {she really loved it} hedgie purse {every girl needs a hedgie purse} in her birthday dress and legwarmers (by me) headband by K {getting some fresh air in her birthday dress & queen bee legwarmers made by me as well as her headband made by K} queen bee legwarmers {queen bee} button details ( so hard to photograph!) {button details - really hard to capture} new pillowcaase made by one of her dearest friends {hedgie pillowcase made by one of her very dearest friends} K also made C a pencil pouch {sweet gifts including a hedgie pencil pouch K made for C} K's pencil pouch for C (a rainbow of creativity} gift and seeds {gifts and seeds} candles {birthday candles} cake {gathered around the cake} sister love {sweet sister love} hedgie cake {her special hedgie cake} my silly C {so full of life and in a skirt sewn by her other dearest friend} my silly C in her birthday skirt made by D1 <3 {her usual silly antics making us giggle} lighting her birthday ring {lighting her birthday ring and telling her story} peppers at grandma's hotel room {enjoying time with Grandma} yum {I see deep into her soul} hedgehog cupcakes made by grandma {hedgehog cupcakes made by Grandma and the children} wahooz {birthday fun at Wahooz} wahooz {my little monkey} wahooz {K driving for the first time}

hedgehog breakfast board - from Jennifer
Queen Bee legwarmers - Luna Grey pattern on Ravelry
Ferby colored pencils, travel board (size small) and sketchbook - Nova Natural

If I forgot anything, let me know!

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