Sunday, January 4, 2015

Flying over the snow with our dog team

building a snowman sled dogs happy dogs "Fly, fly, fly" - said in K's best troll voice break time leading the dogs As you can see in this picture - Kevin was leading the dogs to make sure the children were safe. I kept him just out of frame for all the other pictures. away they go! super happy paw paw (And snow in L's face) dog blur - more snow in L's face so much fun! snow dogs ready to go! flying! live to run Thank you, thank you, thank you!! pulling C up the hill Their favorites
Inspiration - Dogteam and Trouble with Trolls
Trouble with trolls - the pom-pom hat

Our children just had the most amazing adventure inspired by two of their favorite books (Dogteam and Trouble with Trolls) and thanks to Nana and Grandpa who gave them a toboggan for Christmas.
We took them and their toboggan out behind our house along with our two huskies and let them experience what dogsledding feels like. K has had the thrill of bikejoring the dogs in the past but nothing can compare to the feeling of being pulled by our snow dogs in their element, flying over the snow as if they had wings. I know our huskies agree.

They live to run, breathe to run.

I can remember dreaming about adventures like this when I was a child, wishing my dog would do what our dog team does. Sometimes, I still do!

We started out with K and went down the line, with the hope that by the time the dogs got to Little L they would be worn out. But as you can see in the picture above, they didn't tire. The dogs were running so fast the whole time, I couldn't get my dinosaur camera to focus on them. Hopefully you can still feel the moment from the expressions on everyone's faces.

I honestly don't know who had more fun - the children being pulled or the dogs pulling them! Seriously, look at Paw Paw. I swear he is smiling from ear to ear and his big blue eyes are popping out of his head with joy. Beowulf gave Kevin an endless amount of kisses, as if to thank him, when they were all done. We can't wait for more snow so we can relive this adventure all over again!

p.s. - I will have a detailed post with better pics of their Jan Brett hats very soon (including Little L's hat). For now, a few action shots will just have to suffice.

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