Sunday, September 7, 2014


washing woolies not sure how i feel about this "nature find" setting sun talking to Daddy talking to Daddy setting sun light
Our dearest friends will be here soon so that means I am up to some last minute re-organizing of random things, cleaning out closets and other other places that they are more than likely never to see, and other ridiculous antics. Makes total sense, right? That's just me. I have this tendency to use  company coming over as an excuse to work on things that I should have done months or years ago,
instead of focusing on what really should get done. I get distracted by little things like our basket for dirty wool items and decide it needs a little label.

I mean that little label really could have waited until after our friends arrived, truly it isn't even needed at all. Yet these are the things I do. I think it's my own way of controlling my own excitement somehow. Although I do rather enjoy personalizing even the smallest things and making our home more child friendly. Even Little L can now understand where to put his dirty woolies. But again is now the proper time?

Time to do something a bit more constructive, like thawing our "roast". And on a side note, I had no clue you could buy cases of them. Hmm, but where would I store a whole case? Maybe I should research that.

And so it begins again...distractions

little helpers mopping Thank goodness for my little helpers. They were reading about Saint Zita in this book and decided to dress like her and mop the floor (scooting around on rags, of course. Isn't that how you mop?!) Their methods may be a bit unorthodox, but they get the job done and have fun in the process!

p.s. - My girls had just washed off face paint prior to me snapping the pictures of them in the sunlight. Just in case you were wondering what those remnants of blue and red were around their eyes.

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