Wednesday, September 3, 2014


water pup water pup end of summer shark boy kazi K's project for Little L balancing butterflies balancing butterflies balacing butterfly balance butterflies (I love K's on the bottom right)

The morning and evening air here is becoming crisp and lovely, reminding me of Oregon. I am finding myself outdoors in the day even more now that the blazing hot sun is beginning to cool off.  My summertime cabin fever is passing. Yes, I get cabin fever in the summer instead of the winter, I just simply can not handle the heat here in the desert. Ah yes, my favorite season is upon us. But before we leave summer behind us, (and K will be the first to remind me that the summer season is still with us until the end of the month) we will play in the pool one last time, even if it means that the dogs hog most of it. We will create balancing butterflies for the umpteenth time, still marveled by their magic (we have been enjoying making these since C was two, they have become an annual summertime craft.) We will enjoy a few more slices of watermelon and corn on the cob to soak in those flavors of summer. We will harvest our peppermint leaves and dry them for tea which we will sip in the winter to bring back the memories of the hot summer sun. All the while we are singing:

Summer good-bye
Summer good-bye
You may not longer stay,
Autumn is on its way,
Summer good-bye
Summer good-bye.

On a side note - Don't do wet on wet watercolor painting outdoors on a hot day! Our butterfly paper dried before the girls could finish painting! You can see the difference in the last photograph. The bottom butterfly (K's creation that I love!) was done first and the one above it was painted after the paper dried out on us.

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