Sunday, September 14, 2014


007 009 117 108 100 130 007 154 159 160 143 013 015 019 022 025 029 036 030 Our dear friends made it safely to our door. We feasted, we played, we camped out - it was a merry old time! I really cherish, savor and need times like this. Especially at this point in my family's life. We are such black sheep here in Mountain Home, my children need that reminder that they are not different and that they have friends who really love and accept them for who they are. I am incredibly grateful for that. All of our children remind me more of sisters and brothers than just friends. We are so very blessed to have them in our lives.

Their visit was short (in fact, Little L is still asking me when they are coming, I gently remind him they already came) but it was just long enough to fill us back up with enough love and memories to get us by until we see them again. Next time we will be the ones traveling!

p.s. - If you haven't had the chance to see GMO OMG, go check it out! While I am not a fan of the title (I have this thing against texting slang) I actually really enjoyed it. I tend to stay away from documentaries like this because I rather feel like they are preaching to the choir, so to speak, and they leave me feeling helpless and depressed. But this one, while alarming, managed to lift my spirits and give me hope for change. Maybe it was the music (they did after Mumford and Sons, after all), maybe it was the way he was teaching his children about GMOs, or perhaps it was Monsanto's response to him visiting their offices. Whatever the reason, you need to see it for yourself!

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