Sunday, March 24, 2013

Widows Mite

Widows mite 074 Widows Mite 099 Little L magnified Palm Sunday Widows Mite (Lepton): Judean coin in general circulation during the time of Jesus Christ referred to in the Holy Bible.

I have a little story that I have been meaning to share. Unfortunately I waited too long to type it up so I have forgotten the details but hopefully I will still convey it's message.

A few months ago, K declared that she needed to give all the money she had to those who really needed it. She caught me by surprise with this wonderful revelation, I mean what a huge deal for someone so small. My heart felt as if it could burst. She had been saving for a doll so I wanted to make sure that donating all of her money was something she really wanted to do. I asked her a couple of  times more over the course of a few days and each time she was very decisive and had such a sparkle in her eyes telling me that others needed it more than she did (her stubbornness can be a good thing!). So I set to work to find the right local charity to go to. It was a bit trickier than I thought it would be. Her piggy bank was full but probably had nothing more than a few dollars in it so I wanted to make sure that whoever she gave it to saw what a big deal this was for her and that she was giving all that she had to help others. I reached out to people in our community asking their advice on the matter and finally the perfect answer presented itself (via Pat, my RCIA organizer ) - Madonna's Center. I had never heard of it before but it's cause was already dear to me. It was kismet. I knew K would love the thought of her money helping babies, she has such a deep love for them all. Wherever we are at, if their is a baby around (stranger or friend), you can always find K alongside it.

It ended up that Valerie, the founder of Madonna's Center, is a member of our parish. Pat contacted her and told her our story. She enthusiastically embraced K's kindness and agreed to meet us after the next Mass. I told K all about it and she could hardly contain her excitement, it just radiated out of her. Even C couldn't resist K's energy and decided to join her in giving all that she had, too.

The following week, after Mass, the girls both had their piggy banks in hand and very happily (and shyly) gave them over to Valerie. She accepted them with so much love and really made the girls feel absolutely amazing for their gifts. She took the time to tell them how their gift would help babies and their mamas. What a beautiful and sincere soul Valerie is, I could write pages and pages on her. I aspire to be like her someday.

She even had a gift for the girls. She told them the story of the Widows Mite and then gave them both their very own Widows Mite coin. Neither of my girls were expecting anything in return, but they knew these coins were very special and were very happy to have them. We have since been studying them at home trying to see all that we can with our magnifying glass. C seems to have the best eye for finding symbols on them.

We are so happy to have found Valerie. I have been trying to find ways to help however I can with Madonna's Center since that day. It's a bit tricky with Kevin working all the time but one small thing (with great love!) at a time. I am  currently trying to knit up some mittens for all the children even though this winter is now over. They will need them next year though, right?!

The biggest gift of all, was the simple gift of giving in and of itself. There is no other feeling like it and both of my girls would quickly agree. They are filling their piggy banks back up again so they can give them to those in need again, and again and again...

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