Monday, February 18, 2013

One fine February day

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Have you ever had one of those homeschooling days when your child (or even yourself!) just isn't that interested in the lesson? It happens in our home, for sure! One fine February day C and I found ourselves desiring something new and different. I scoured one of my Pinterest boards for a project we could do with what we already had on hand. I came across salt painting and it seemed like just the thing to clear away our homeschooling blahs.

C drew designs on paper with glue and then we covered the wet glue in salt. I didn't want salt in every nook and cranny of my kitchen so I had her do this on an old cookie tray to contain the mess a bit. Then she dipped her eye dropper in water dyed with food coloring and dropped a small droplet of colored water onto a spot of her glue covered salt. She watched the color expand and run the length of her design, just like magic! She didn't seem to tire of doing this. Each time the color expanded she would squeal and do some more. We ended up going through quite a few pieces of paper that day. *On a side note - I made the mistake of trying to use the cheaper quality newspaper-type paper again (you would think that I learned my lesson last time). It made the glue drawings have a ring of liquid around them. This went away when we switched over to different paper.*

I do have to say that this project is all about the process, though. As soon as the glue dried the salt started falling off the paper. That's okay though, I think a lot of children would agree that the process is the fun part!

Off to frantically knit some more. One more day until his birthday!!

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