Monday, June 4, 2012

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leftovers from the party

.:Bird Parties:.

On Saturday morning K decided she wanted to host a bird party on our porch and invite all the birds in Oregon to come. This impromptu party reminded me of our parties in the past. She set to work making bird party signs, bird sized party hats and peanut butter bird seed pine cones. When she finished she asked Kevin if we could take a walk through the neighborhood to put her signs out for the birds to find. He was quite busy at the time but he saw this was an opportunity to nurture K's creative side so he set his work aside. She filled a basket with her signs and some bird party mix she made and we were off. With C's help, she placed her signs and a handful of the party mix at every corner she thought the birds would be at, but she saved one sign reading 'Bird Party Here' to put up on our porch when we were all done.
Our party preparations took a slight detour when we came to a particular area with tall grass and wild flowers. Who could blame us? It felt as if we were out on the prairie. Granted we were actually on a median but with a little imagination you forget those kinds of details and play on.


Bird party/picking wild flowers

BigSister and Little Sister game



Wildflowers quickly filled our empty bird party basket and the tall grass called for a rousing game of Big Sister and Little Sister. They made up the game inspired bytheir favorite book by the same name. (Oh how we love that book! I often read it to them when they are quarreling and it reminds them of their importance to each other and seems to help.) First I was to be the big sister and find the littler sisters in the tall grass. They giggled the whole time. Then they decided that C would be little sister and K would go looking for her. K called and called for little sister but she could not find her. Finally she sat down in the tall grass and cried. (This is all in play, of course - no real tears!) Little sister walked up to her and put her arm around her. Big sister asked her where she had been and little sister said, "Never mind that, let's go home and have some lemonade and cookies." Then they held hands and walked home realizing that they both could take care of each another because little sister learned from big sister.

On that note - does anyone have a good sugar free lemonade recipe? I would love to make some for my girls.

Trumpet fanfare
Trumpet fanfare




Just a little Oregon Trail fun after Mass. Yes, K is eating a doughnut in that picture (wearing her beloved Phoebe sweater that I still need to get proper pictures of). They offer doughnuts and coffee after Mass each week but we had never partaken, that is until now. I figured let's live a little on the edge and get some. The sugar high and then crash that followed made me regret that choice.

How about you? What impromptu adventures do you have?

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