Sunday, February 19, 2012


Dear Baby L,

blanket rav notes

small things romper rav notes

My how you've grown since those first days...

even though you are still such a little peanut. I can't believe my baby is now one.

Big sister K requested to decorate and arrange the birthday table in your honor. (We keep it really simple for the first birthday)

C's birthday card - a picture of you 'doing this':

Big sister C had fun arranging the items on your highchair.

First banana as the 'birthday cake'. You squealed with delight over this and made us smile with your first spoken word 'nanana' (banana). The same first word as your biggest sister K.

It's sweetness was thoroughly enjoyed by you (and our vacuum dog Nara - you love to test gravity).

Present time!

Finally, after months of trying to steal your sisters' dolls - you have a baby doll of your own. Mama put so much love and energy into that doll for you. Your reaction of smiles, hugs and open mouth kisses couldn't have been any better.

Oh my sweet little boy. You are so full of life and such a happy soul. I'll admit it's been a bit of a bumpy road through those health scares this first year, but you are so strong and you give me the strength I need to help you through it all. I am so honored that you chose me as your Mama - thank you. I love you more than words could ever say. Our family is so very blessed to have you in it. I hope you had the happiest birthday imaginable (even after waking me up at 4am to start the day with your never ending big smiles and giggles). Happy birthday!


P.s - Birthday makings in this week's Keep Calm Craft On post.

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