Thursday, February 9, 2012

Globs o' fun (& a giveaway!)

Painting is such an outlet for C and preparing for our wet on wet watercolor painting sessions can be a bit involved so I needed something I could get together for her fast and easy. I caved in last autumn and bought her some Crayola paint. I felt a bit uneasy about that paint. It was labeled 'non-toxic' but something just didn't feel right. After seeing what I am sharing with you below, I realize I should have listened to my gut after all. There is a great read about the non-toxic lie here, too.

You may have noticed that arts and crafts products do not list ingredients. Consumers rely upon "non toxic" certification, believing that their art materials have undergone sufficient testing to ensure the products they use are safe. Don't let these labels fool you. Art pigments (colors) are commonly made from petrochemicals, and the actual hazards of these materials are not always known. In the US, synthetic pigments that have never been tested for toxicity can be labeled "non-toxic." The rationale? There is no data to prove otherwise.

Arts and crafts paints are exempt from consumer paint lead laws, and often contain lead, cadmium, and host of toxic ingredients* like formaldehyde (a carcinogen), one of the most common paint preservatives.New environmental regulations and consumer demand has contributed to the numerous low to no VOC (volatile organic compounds) and environmentally friendly house paints now available.

Unfortunately, the artist market is far behind.

Paints may not only be hazardous to the consumer, but also the environment. Certified "non-toxic" pigments can still be toxic to fish and other wildlife.

I was completely floored after reading that, not to mention I felt a bit betrayed and in the dark. What could I do??

Thankfully, this past Christmas, my lucky girls each received a GLOB all natural paint kit along with their own art pads from my Aunt. GLOB paints and natural colors were developed first and foremost with safety and sustainability in mind. Using natural plant extracts and botanical pigments, their water-based paints are biodegradable and truly non-toxic. This gift was like a dream come true.

It only took them a couple of days to dive into painting with them. We set up our coffee table downstairs by the crackling fire, mixed our paint and sat down for some serious painting time. (Well, as serious as it can be with a baby constantly crawling up trying to steal the art pads) We are used to painting mostly with the wet on wet water color method but were pleasantly surprised with the consistency and ease of use this paint has - not to mention the vibrant colors! K was certain that they were painting with seeds (because of the clever package the paint comes in) and she only became more convinced when she smelled it. (I wish I had some sort of scratch and sniff blog - you need to smell it for yourself to see just how heavenly it is.) Needless to say, we instantly became head over heels in love with this paint, and I felt good about having my children use it.

Fast forward to this week and a particular day of the crankies. Neither of my girls were able to control their hands (or mouths as in C's case), and needed something constructive to do with them. (calming C's hands helps her to calm her mouth as well as her restless spirit) I decided a new batch of our homemade playdough was in order. The girls are always asking for 'color playdough' but I couldn't find anything to dye it that I was fully comfortable with, so we have just kept it plain. Thanks to our GLOB paint I was finally able to give them what they wanted. ETA:The instructions can be found on their website. We simply made our playdough, let it cool and then divided it into 6 balls. I then used my thumb to press a deep hole into each ball and filled each hole with 1/2 tsp of the GLOB pigment. The girls quickly kneaded it in and then got to work creating. Hours of fun were had. I have to add that I was quite impressed by how bright the colors became.

I know we'll be experimenting with some more of the craft inspiration listed on GLOB's website. I'm eyeing the Easter egg painting idea next.

I am really thankful for this caring company. I believe in it so much that I wish I could send some of their amazing paint to each and every one of you to try it on your own. I know you would be just as psyched as I am. Unfortunately, I can't do that.
However, GLOB is offering one of you very fortunate readers the chance to see just how great their products are first hand by giving away 6 color packets. These water-soluble pigments become paint just by adding water. Each makes between 1-3 oz of paint. For multiple uses. A little goes a long way! The 6 botanical colors included are: Lemon Verbena, Blueberry, Pomegranate, Tangerine, Plum Purple and Basil Green.

For a chance to win, simply leave a comment on this post!
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I will close comments on Thursday February 16th at 9pm PST and announce the winner within this post that night.

Comments closed. This winner is:
julie machen ·
'These look like a perfect travel item. Space saving indeed! Count us in dear lady.'
Congrats Julie! Please e-mail me at farmergopi (at) yahoo (dot) com.

Thank you so much GLOB for this wonderful opportunity.
Good luck, everyone!

p.s - Early post today,eh? I actually get to go out tonight!! I am attending a lecture at school about 1st and 2nd grade math and science in the Waldorf schools. Can't wait!

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