Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Crafting on : Red Light Knitting

Baby L's elf hat (from More Last-Minute Knitted Gifts) took a few days to knit up, unlike his sisters' hats that only took a couple of hours. This is due to me knitting his hat almost exclusively at red lights and while walking in the hallways at school. Did you know the hood on an Ergo baby carrier works great as a yarn holder so you can knit and walk all while holding your baby? Don't laugh, that's exciting news for me. I discovered it shortly after Baby L was born. It seems I get most of my knitting done while I am wearing Baby L, nowadays. But back to his hat... I followed the same mods I made for the girls' hats, knitting Baby L's in the adult small size. It should fit him for quite awhile. I really like the way this lumpy bumpy yarn knit up, and it is so smooshy on the inside. I bet it feels nice against his baby fuzz head. Did you see the adorable shirt Baby L is wearing in these pics? It's my favorite shirt of his, hands down. He has had it since Thanksgiving but I only got around to getting a picture of him in it now. (I blame the lack of sunlight) My wonderful and talented friend Erin made it for him. You can see more of her creations here.

I am now working on Baby L's first birthday sweater.(Our family tradition) It's killing me as I knit it up knowing that he will be a whole year so very soon.

His upcoming birthday also has me working on his birthday crown and planning a trip to Rose's for felt. I am thinking of changing up my usual design a bit and maybe needle felting the pictures on his crown instead of sewing on pieces of wool felt. What do you think?

Lastly, I thought I would share K's current works in progress, a star child and a felted needle book.

So after I mentioned Keep calm craft on - a new crafting link up, I ended up posting more knitting than anything else. Go figure! Anyways, if you would like to join me and share your current works in progress please leave your link below. There are no rules, only that your link is current and something about a craft project (of any kind) you are working on, and that you link back here so that we can all share. I didn't want to steal 'WIP Wednesday' from it's creator Shellyfish (always must give credit where it's due!) so I am starting a new work in progress link up all together. I was thinking of just calling it Crafting on for short... what are your thoughts on the name? More on the link up later...

What are you working on? Happy creating!

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