Sunday, January 15, 2012

All over the place

I'm not being artsy here, our driveway is steep!

Blue skies and ice wherever we go,
slipping and sliding deep in the snow.

Uphill and downhill, neither leaf nor green:
the sun bright and clear, no grass to be seen.

Woollies and hoods, on toboggans all day.
Gloves on our hands and spring far away.

Back home Mama's baking big loaves and small.
How hungry we are - we'll soon eat them all!

From Around the Year by Elsa Beskow

King Winter visited us for the day today and what a beautiful day it was. I had to giggle when I awoke to the snow this morning. You see, my friend informed me that she would be going up to Mount Hood with her family over the weekend. She then told me that every time they go there, it snows in Portland afterwards. Well, I guess I owe a big thank you to her for bringing King Winter to us!

The girls spent most of the day back and forth between playing outside and warming back up by the fire inside while cutting out paper snowflakes and reading Snowflake Bentley. They couldn't believe snow was finally here. The last time we saw it was when Baby L was born. That's a long time! We moved to Portland thinking it would snow all the time, we should have researched that a bit more first. We were in serious withdrawal of those white crystals falling from the sky during the four years we lived in Virginia. It was much too hot there for snow to fall, (I am so glad I no longer have to endure that heat!) but of course after we moved it started snowing. Go figure! Someday we'll move back to the Northeast,(I am from New York and Kevin from Pennsylvania so we are used to the never ending snow and bitter cold) and be back to the weather we love. Until then, we will soak up every snow gift we are given.

I thought it was the perfect day to try out Amanda Soule's recipe for Everyday Oat Bread from The Rhythm of Family. I altered the recipe slightly by replacing the brown sugar with honey and the butter with coconut oil. It's quite delicious, and just what we needed on such a day.

Remember those mittens? They still fit!

On Saturday Kevin took K to work with him leaving C, baby L and I alone in the house. It was a nice treat for K and a nice unexpected break for me. C and I made some delicious Paleo friendly pumpkin muffins (thank you, Molly) while Baby L took his nap. Only 3 hours into the day C wanted to call K at work to talk to her. It's so funny because I thought for sure she would really like her time alone with me, (those two have really been at each others throats lately, it's been quite intense) but they obviously can't live without one another. Such sweetness! They talked for a good 45 minutes before K had to go.

Baby L had quite the weekend, too. He played in the snow for the first time (Ok, really he just sat there unsure of it) and did his first baby sign. It was the sign for dog, much to Daddy's delight. Looks like we have another animal lover in our home.

How's that for a post that's all over the place?!

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