Sunday, December 11, 2011


She still fits into her neighborly!

These pictures were from a couple weekends ago. I didn't think I would post them but then I saw something in them I felt the need to share.

Sometimes pictures can be deceiving. They can make the day seem better (or worse) than it really was. At first glance these particular pictures seem to show a day of magic. But look again, I am always trying to find the beauty in every situation... do you see how many of the pictures are of the ceiling? Or of art/decorations high up? Look at poor K's little face a bit more intently... can you see the distress written all over it? (Minus the picture of her doing eurythmy - she is at her happiest doing that, always) There was, indeed, beauty in this day - the calmness and therapeutic effects of watching and participating in an eurythmy performance, catching up with friends we haven't seen in ages (as well as friends we see on an almost daily basis) but most of it was chaos crammed into small spaces and panic attacks (on my end) mixed with little ones overwhelmed and overstimulated while on sugar highs.
Kevin and I came to the conclusion, after this long day, that we are no longer 'city folk' by any means, and much prefer the quietness of home life. These pictures will forever remind me of that.

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