Thursday, December 8, 2011

About That Adventure...

We took a little trip back to Oregon City recently to get our Christmas tree. I am so happy that my friend Stephanie let me know about this little farm. It's a sweet little 'homey' place run by four generations of their family together. Such a perfect experience.

This was our first time ever even going to a tree farm and cutting our own tree. I am glad we did it this way. In the future I would really like to have a potted tree (like we did the first year, but the poor tree didn't survive the Oregon Trail trip), however, until we stop moving permanently - I just don't see that happening.

Kitty love. I swear animals just know when we are coming!

Our tree

What's wrong with this picture?

Next year we are bringing our sled dogs and a wagon

Kevin just can't resist any kind of dog love

Oh yeah - Baby L and I were there, too. I made Kevin take a picture since this is Baby L's first Christmas. (Poor guy is still teething - thus the runny nose)

C and her hot cocoa on the way home.

Let the decorating commence! Yeah, this photo was taken before we put up K's garland and our angel tree topper.

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