Thursday, November 10, 2011


I know the breathtaking beauty of autumn in New York first hand as I grew up there, and no other place that I have lived (in this country or otherwise) has ever compared to it. That is until we moved to Oregon. The splendor of this landscape rivals every other - including my beloved upstate New York.

We recently tagged along with Kevin (again) to play and explore at Old Maid Flat while he and Nara did some SAR training. I thought I'd share our adventures in pictures. (of course!)

Trying to capture him while he's up on me in my old Ergo Baby Carrier

Trying to fit all their treasures in their bags

Laughing at Nara's antics

Hand knits don't mix well with moss, mud and pine needles - just in case you ever wondered about that

Happy Martinmas, everyone! We'll be going out for our family lantern walk Friday night.

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