Sunday, November 13, 2011


I have a tendency to pick up new hobbies at the drop of a hat. All it takes is one look and I am hooked. I love to dabble in anything and everything I can get my hands on (which can be both good and bad. Good - I get to experiment a lot and find what thrills me. Bad - I am always doing so many different things at once, not one of the things I am working on get my 100%.) It's really quite the odd obsession I have, but I suppose it could be worse.

The evidence of this obsession of mine is seen throughout my home - half finished poncho in one corner, camera manual with dog eared pages in another, drop spindle with roving gathering dust, recipes scattered in my kitchen, beeswax impressions hardening in our kitchen cupboard (because the cats will destroy them or get fur in them otherwise)... it's never ending everywhere I look. I know it would be best to pick one hobby and stick with it but I just can't. The creative part of my brain seems to always be in overdrive and I need to appease it with whatever outlet I can. I think it's just part of my nature and one of my ways of dealing with stress. (partly by avoiding whatever it is that's stressing me out and starting over with something brand new) I see this in my girls, too, especially K. She gets an idea in her head and she needs to create it right then and there. The whole process really feeds her soul and is inspiring to watch. There are also quite a few of her creative endeavors half finished around our home, too.

I secretly like that I dive right into new things head first but it might be best if I could control myself enough to finish up old projects first, or perhaps even just wait to start after I have swept the floor for the second time of the day. (Yes - four cats, three dogs and three children under the age of seven makes for lots of sweeping - that picture was taken just a couple of hours after my first sweeping of the day.)

Eh, why bother? I think we are doing just fine the way we are. Those fur tumbleweeds and piles of laundry will still be there waiting for us when we are done.

I picked up quite a few new projects at the Heart Of Advent last weekend, too. I'll share those later this week. I think that may have been what started this whole thought process on my constant dabbling :)

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