Monday, October 10, 2011

Harvest Festival

Portland surprised us with a beautiful, sunny day for our Autumn festivities. Much different from last year when it was held indoors (You can find our first year at the festival here).

Sheep shearing (the way I like it to be done - humanly by hand!)


As you can see, everyone but C was interested in it.

The spinning wheel was having issues so K didn't get a chance to sit with Barb and spin this year but she did learn how to spin yarn on a paper clip. She made herself a bracelet in the process. Watching her do this made me think it might be time to let her learn how to use my drop spindle, or maybe not teach her yet and let her just play with wool and the spindle...

K's pumpkin

Oops, we don't want to carve that pumpkin! I finished their hats in time. Rav notes here. C and Baby L wore theirs the whole time, K on the other hand took hers off halfway through the day. I had quite a few people requesting a pumpkin hat of their own, including our athletics director. I might have enough yarn left to knit him one, at least.

Blacksmith shop

Working on our grounds, biodynamically - of course!

Square dancing(K's favorite)

After enjoying the potluck, Kevin and I were actually able to hold hands for the first time in months...or more.

Great friends. Great food. A great time. What more can I say?!
A HUGE thank you to our wonderful school community for being everything I have ever dreamed of, and more.

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