Monday, August 15, 2011

(More) Food For Thought

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU everyone for your comments, advice and shoulders to lean on in my recent post. Wow, did I need them! I am looking into everything you suggested. I am so excited to learn more as well as try to accept that I cannot control everything. How incredibly blessed am I to have such a thoughtful community around me?! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

The girls and I have been devouring our homemade kale chips as often as possible this summer. Thank you to Lisa for posting about them awhile back. We just add olive oil and sea salt to ours before we bake them. They are the healthy answer to my potato chip cravings. Now I wonder if I could somehow season them to taste like BBQ chips...

Sometimes, I swear, the world is tuned into my thoughts. While I was driving home without any little ones from an appointment on Friday I turned on the radio and scanned through the stations. I stopped at NPR when I heard this - a discussion on climate change and it's effects on our food availability and cost. It really got to me. It seemed to eat away at what I am already feeling while loudly reminding me of our need to get our homestead really up and running (especially if we have a big family). If you get a moment check that link out.

Notice K's caterpillar friend


Our blackberry season has begun. For the past couple of weeks, I have been grabbing handfuls of blackberries to bring home to the girls while on my morning run. There are too many for me to grab now so the girls (and boy!) and I take daily walks to one of our wild blackberry locations. We are fortunate to have three different wild blackberry locations on our street and all three of them ripen at different times - which makes it very ideal for harvesting.

The girls each come home with a bucketful of blackberries a day. Not quite enough to make jam out of yet but just the perfect amount for snacking on and adding to yogurt. We even made an apple/blackberry pie the other day, that the girls ate up quite quickly.

Speaking of food, (well, sort of) I have something I have to get off my chest. Last Friday was my birthday,and while I was not expecting any fuss to be made over it I was hoping to at least get a Happy Birthday Mama from my sweet girlies, but I never did. When I woke up - nothing, went for a run and came home - nothing, went to my appointment and came home thinking surely by now they'll remember - nothing. Kevin left for work late that day (due to aforementioned appointment) but before he left I asked him in private, Do the girls know it's my birthday today? He said no, he didn't have the time to tell them because he was too busy. I understand how crazy and stressful his job is,and I don't blame him for not remembering but it still hurts... not that he didn't remember, I get it and I don't blame him, but that my children weren't informed. They are much too little to know what day of the week it is let alone what day there Mama's birthday is, so they need others to help them out. It's Sunday night now and still - nothing so I am trying to just let it go.
But you wanna know what my response was to all of this? I made myself a soy and dairy free (but oh so full of sugar) birthday cake with gobs of frosting and ate the entire thing myself. Yeah, I could throw up just thinking about that.Eating disorders and I are old friends. It's slippery slope, my friends,a slippery slope. I am an emotional eater for sure. That reminded me of how much I need to watch myself.

Eh, lets forget that last paragraph, shall we? I can't believe I am even admitting to that!
See you tomorrow for our weekly rhythm post!

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