Sunday, July 24, 2011

Summertime Sewing

Thank you everyone for your response to the recent rhythm post. I will keep them coming! Maybe I can make it a weekly post as I think I could go on and on about it for quite some time...
In the meantime, I am behind on a couple of deadlines, yikes, so I will answer questions very soon, just not quite yet! Nevermind!

While the rest of our country is in a heat bubble, good old Oregon is experiencing fall/spring-like temperatures barely going over 75 degrees. I have to say I am very much ok with that! I have never been one to handle heat well. My little ones seem to be the same way. We are enjoying it while we can, I know it will eventually get hot here. From what I remember of the previous summer, the heat didn't hit until August/September. With this in mind, I dug through the girls summer clothes box to find that C, who gets all the hand me downs, is all set with summer sleepwear but K did not have any.

I ran down to my fabric stash and found some light organic cotton fabric my friend Sarah sent me last summer. It's actually bed sheets, guess my sewing has a theme lately, huh? Although, these ones were new.

I dug through my patterns and pulled out two possibilities. One was the pattern I used for the girls flannel nightgowns (it has a short sleeved version,too) and the other was actually a slip pattern that was included with the bloomers pattern I use (McCalls M4505). I decided to go with the slip pattern. It seems to run a bit on the big side but I think the extra room might feel nice when it's hot.

I tried to alter the slip pattern a bit and in the process made the neck too tight. I 'fixed' that by adding an opening in the front. Not the prettiest fix but it works, ahem - let's ignore the fact that I didn't trim the threads yet, ok?
I had some issues with the placket in the back, too. Spent too many hours yelling at it. Since this is a nightgown and not something she'll wear out and about, I just let that go.

K had fun showing me how well it spins. Twirly dresses, skirts and nightgowns are a must in this house.

K is happy and I can rest better knowing that she will be cool and comfortable this summer whenever that heat does decide to hit us!

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